Roman I. Sydor


Specialty: Immunology

Professional experience: 3 years

Professional category: Immunologist

Certificates and Licenses: Master’s degree in «Immunology»

Main directions of scientificand practical research: Influence of opioid and non-steroidal analgetics on the immune system status in cancer patients

Scientific and practical publications (titles of articles, journals): More than 30 publications in Ukrainian and international scientific journals. List is shown in the appendix.

Participation in conferences, seminars, symposia: 3 scientific conferences

Awards, certificates, diplomas:

M.O. Maksymovych named scholarship, 2012-2013

Membership in Ukrainian or International medical organizations: —

Your favorite saying (expression aphorism):

It’s not so much that I have confidence in scientists being right, but that I have so much confidence in non-scientists being wrong /Isaac Asimov/