Research Laboratory of Clinical Immunology

Research Laboratory of Clinical Immunology, established in 1975 (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 614 from 11.11.1974, the DSC). Until 2008, its leader was honored worker of science and technology, the winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Doctor of Medicine, Professor. Yu. A Grinevich, since 2008 – Doctor of Medicine F.V. Fil’chakov. The structure of Research Laboratory of Clinical Immunology includes Laboratory Onсoimmunology.


Areas of research activity:

  • Investigation disorders in the immune system of the body associated the course of the tumor process, the main effects of treatment and conduct of biotherapy;
  • Carrying out the immunological monitoring of the effectiveness of cancer treatment, the definition of immunological criteria forecast unfavorable course of the tumor process against the background of the primary treatment;
  • Development of new, improved existing methods of biotherapy (non-specific active immunotherapy, specific immunotherapy, adoptive cellular immunotherapy), aimed at improving the antitumor resistance of the organism and efficacy of treatments for patients with cancer;
  • Study of the role of neuroendocrine changes in the pathogenesis of disorders of the immune system in patients with malignant neoplasms;
  • Experimental and clinical studies of the effect immunotropic and anticancer drugs on the formation of anti-tumor immune response.

Main scientific achievements:

  • Defines the role of thymic hormones in the regulation of the immune system, inducing the synthesis of materials with timozin-similar activity and stimulation of interferon for the development of rational schemes of immunotherapy of cancer patients;
  • Developed new pathogenetic approaches restore disturbed functions of the immune system of cancer patients drugs thymic origin and interferons;
  • Studied markers of tumor growth (CEA, AFP, β-HCG, СА-125, СА-19-9, СА-15-3, СА-242, СА-72-4) and suggested their use in the diagnosis and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment of cancer patients (ovarian cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, testicular cancer, horionepitelioma, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and others.);
  • Investigate the level of vascular endothelial growth factor which is an important regulator of angiogenesis and vasculogenesis, in cancer patients during the treatment;
  • The technique of adoptive cellular immunotherapy based on the transfer of anti-tumor immunity generated using in vitro-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes;
  • Provides for the use of embryonic stem cell transplantation in treatment of liver cancer patients with depression of hematopoiesis;
  • Developed a method for tumor specific transfer factor and the expediency of its use in patients with cancer biotherapy.
  • For a series of «Immunobiology of the thymus and its role in the regulation of immunogenesis receipt and the possibility of using drugs thymus», performed in the laboratory under the direction of Honored Worker of Science and Technology, MD, Professor Yu.A. Grinevich, scientists, MD, Professor V.A. Baraboy, MD, Professor Yu. Grinevich and MD I.S. Nikolsky awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 1999.

Practical laboratory activities:

  • Conducts comprehensive research with other departments of the Institute, Departments of Oncology, Medical University, Ltd., and other research institutions in the Ministry of Health, National Academy of Medical Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • Participates in the organization and operation of scientific conferences on clinical immunology and oncoimmunology, as well as congresses, conferences, symposia and other agencies that conduct on the profile of the laboratory;
  • Conducts lectures, seminars for scientists, physicians Institute and other relevant institutions;
  • Carries out scientific training, and Ph.D. and MD; provides training in the workplace employees of other medical institutions of Ukraine methods of investigation and assessment of the state of the immune system, immunodiagnostic malignancies and immunotherapy of cancer patients.

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