Ludmila Yugrinova


Specialization: «Оncoimmunology»,  «Clinical laboratory diagnostic»

Experience in the profession: 41 years

Qualification Category: Laboratory doctor of higher category

Certificates and Licenses:  Candidate of Medical Science degree in specialty — «Oncology», laboratory doctor of higher category science degree in specialty —  «Clinical laboratory diagnostic »

Main directions of scientific and practical research:  The study of the immune and endocrine systems organism in cancer patients, improvement of laboratory methods used to assess the effectives of their treatment, preclinical diagnosis of recurrences and metastases of malignant neoplasms.

The presence of scientific and practical publications (titles of articles, journals): 83 scientific articles in journals: «Вопросы онкологии», «Онкология», «Физиологический журнал», «Імунологія та алергологія», «Лабораторна діагностика», «Променева діагностика, променева терапія», monographs — «Trophoblastic disease gestation» (1999),  «Specific immunotherapy in oncology» (2008), «Thyroid cancer: epidemiology, radiobiology immunoendokrinologic aspects and the rationale of immunotherapy» (2011), «Tumor markers» (2013), information page, 3 patents.

Participation in conferences, seminars, symposiums: Take part in the international scientific and practical, interregional conferences, seminars «Association of laboratory doctors» and others, which confirms the existence of a certificate

Availability of awards:  awarded diplomas and premiums encouraged

Are you a member of the Ukrainian or international medical organization. If so, what (name and year): member of the Ukrainian Society of Immunology, Allergology and immunorehabilitation.

What is your favorite saying (expression, aphorism): Mind, once expanded its borders, never return to the former (Albert Einstein).