Laboratory Oncoimmunology

shumilina1Head of laboratory onkoimmunologii — PhD Shumilina Kateryna. The laboratory is specialized structural unit Research Laboratory of Clinical Immunology.


The main activities of the laboratory onkoimmunologii are:

  • providing high quality care in a survey of cancer patients offices Clinic and Polyclinic of the National Cancer Institute, using modern methods of laboratory tests;
  • assessment of the immune system in cancer patients and monitor the dynamic changes in the dynamics of his cancer treatment;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of treatment under the control of the level of tumor markers;
  • determine the indications and contraindications for immunotherapy during the treatment of patients;
  • participate in the implementation of conducting fundamental and applied research of immunological studies and participation in conferences and seminars on laboratory immunologic diagnostics;
  • provide advice and guidance to clinicians on laboratory immunologic diagnostics;
  • provide advice and guidance to clinical and immunological diagnostic laboratories in regions onkoimunologii;
  • organization and conduct of the training of medical personnel of high qualification, training of laboratory doctors, immunologists and nurses in the workplace.


Practical laboratory activities:

Study of the immune system leykograma:

— limfograma: CD3 +, CD4 +, CD8 +, CD19 +, CD16 +

— serum immunoglobulins A, M, G

— ecretory IgA

— circulating immune complexes

— opredilenie level interferons, and anti-inflammatory cytokines, growth factors

Determined by the growth of tumor markers: (CEA, AFP, Beta-HCG, PSA, CA-125, CA19-9, CA15-3, CA-242, CA 72-4, TPA , NSE, CYFRA 21-1, SCC et al.) in serum.

Reproductive panel : (estradiol, prolactin, testosterone, FSH, LH, et al.). testosterone, estradiol, cortisol. prolactin, ACTH.

Thyroid panel: (TSH, T3, T4, TPO, Al-TG et al.).

Definitely the level of hormones (cortisol, ACTH, and others.) in serum.

Definition Hbs-Ag in serum.


 The laboratory staff:

Viktoria Veselskaya

Nalisnikovskaya Irina

Shumilina Kateryna



Viktoria Veselskaya

Nalisnikovskaya Irina

Shumilina Kateryna

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