Iryna B. Tytorenko


Specialization: oncology

Experience specialty: 12 years

Qualifying Category: highest

Certificates and licenses: PhD (2012)

The main directions of scientific and practical research: Diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas, multiple myeloma, chronic lymholeucosis.

The presence of scientific publications: The author of 70 publications 9 patents

Participation in conferences, seminars, symposia: Schorіchna fate at mіzhnarodnih that vіtchiznyanih konferentsіyah, semіnarah, practical-orієntovanih navchalnih courses of Quality at the listener that dopovіdacha.

Membership: ENA (2013), ESMO (2008), ECCO (2008)

A favorite expression (expression aphorism): To reach the goal, we must first go