Igor В. Shchepotin

Specialization: oncosurgery

Experience by specialty: 35 years

Category: Higher


Diploms and licenses:

1979-1982 – Resident in General Surgery, Ukrainian Medical Institute, Kiev

1981 — Resident in Surgical of Endocrinology, Ukrainian Medical Institute, Kiev

1983-1984 — Courses in Oncology, Ukrainian State Post-Graduation Academy

1983, 1986 – Fellow, European School of Oncology, Moscow, Russia

1991-1992 – Fellow, Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University, Washington, USA

1992-1993 – Fellow, Department of Surgery, Georgetown University, Washington, USA

1994-1997 — Practical and scientific activity in the surgical department of Georgetown University, Washington, USA

1997-1999 — Practical and research activities at the University of George Washington, Washington, USA


The main directions of scientific and practical research: Development and optimization algorithms of patients treat with malignant tumors of the abdomen and retroperitoneum.


Scientific and practical publications:

Member Editorial Board of journal:

Oncology (научно-практический журнал)

Тht Lancet

Medical Case (научно-практический журнал)

Ukrainian Journal of Radiology (Научно-практичекий журнал)

Consilium Medicum Ukraina

Вестник Академии Наук Молдовы, раздел «Медицина»

Modern surgery and proctology (Всеукраинский научно-практический журнал)

Russian Juornal of Oncology (Научно-практический)


Headache editor:

National Cancer Registry

Clinical Oncology


Participated in more than 210 conferences including foreign.

Scientific publications: 499

Monographs: 4

Article: 156

Tutorial: 10

Classbook: 2

Patent: 78


Research grants:

1991-1992 Lombardi Foundation Grant in support of research in the Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA

2000 – 2002 Civalian Research and Development Foundation (USA)

1980 Ukrainian Medical Society

1981 Ukrainian Society of Surgeons

1982 USSR Society of Surgeons

1983 Ukrainian Oncology Society

1984 USSR Oncology Society

1989 European Society for Cancer Research

1993 American Association for Cancer Research

1995 American Radiation Research Society

1996 North American Hyperthermia Society

1997 American Society of Surgical Oncology

1998 American Society of Surgery of Alimentary Tract

2000 European Society for Medical Oncology

2001 International Gastric Cancer Association

2005 Head Oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukriane

2005 National council of Health Protection under the president of Ukraine

2006 Honoured Doctor of Ukraine

2008 Member of the Presidium of the «Ukrainian Medical Union

2008 Participated in GCP Training

2008 Association Directors of Center and Institute of Oncology, Radiology and radiologists

2013 National Council of International Gastric Cancer Association (IGCC)