Shumilina Kateryna


Specialization: Onkoimmunology, Cancer Immunotherapy

Experience specialty: 23 years

Qualifying Category: Laboratory doctor immunologist of higher category

Certificates and licenses: Candidate of Medical Sciense degree in specialiti -oncology, elder research worker

The main directions of scientific and practical research: development and implementation of methods of immunotherapy.

The presence of scientific publications: research results are reflected in the 118 printed works, including in specialized publications such as magazines «Problems of Oncology», «Immunology», «Archives of Pathology», Oncology», «Immunology», «Oncology», «Journal of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», «Oncology», «Clinical Oncology» «Kind of experimental oncology», «Іmunology that alergology» as well as in the monograph «Spetsifіc іmunoterapy in onkology» (2008).

Participation in conferences, seminars, symposia: involved in organizing scientific conferences in «clinical immunology, oncology, diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients». 

Membership: member of the Ukrainian Society of Immunology, Allergologyy and immunorehabilitation

A favorite expression (expression aphorism): «There is a will — there is a man, nothing will — no man, how much will — so many man» Dovzhenko