Lon Ganna


Specialization: Clinical Immunology, Onkoimmunology

Experience specialty: 15 years

Qualifying Category: Doctor — Clinical Immunology First Category

Certificates and licenses: Diploma of the end of 1998 in Kharkov State Medical University as «Medicine».

The main directions of scientific and practical research: Development and testing of the experiment in the clinic method of specific immunotherapy using the «transfer factor» in patients with malignant tumors. Study disorders of the immune system in cancer patients associated with the course of the tumor process, the main effects of treatments and conducting immunotherapy.

The presence of scientific publications: published more than 50 scientific works, including such specialized scientific journals, magazines as «Journal of Immunotoxicology», «Problems of Oncology», «Clinical Oncology», «Immunology», «Oncology», «Journal of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», «Іmunology that alergology», «New approach», «bone sarcomas, soft tissue tumors and skin,» «Vaccine», and in the monograph «Spetsifіc іmunoterapy in onkology «(2008). Ukraine received 10 patents for utility model.

Participation in conferences, seminars, symposia: regularly take part in the congresses, scientific conferences devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients on clinical and laboratory immunology.

A favorite expression (expression aphorism): You never know what you can do till you try