Grinevich Yuriy


Specialization: Allergology and Immunology, onkoimmunology.

Professional experience: since 1962, according onkoimmunology — 1975

Licence Category: Professor in «Allergology and Immunology.»

Certificates and licenses: doctor of medical diploma. Science in «oncology» passport professor in «Allergology and Immunology.»

Main directions of scientific and practical research: Devoted to studying the mechanisms of resistance antitumors in benign and malignant tumors, development and implementation of nonspecific and specific methods tumor immunotherapy. Currently under the direction of Yuriy Grinevitch developed and experimentally tested in the clinic, methods for specific immunotherapy of patients with malignant neoplasms: adoptive cellular immunotherapy, immunotherapy using the «transfer factor» and dendritic cell vaccines.

The presence of scientific and practical publications (titles of articles, journals): Results of research Yu.A Grinevitch and his students are reflected in more than 530 print jobs, including those of specialized publications such as magazines «Neoplasma», «Journal of Pineal Reseach »,« Patology, Oncology Reseach »,« Experimental oncology »,« Problems of Oncology «» Immunology «,» Archives of Pathology «,» Oncology «,» Immunology «,» Journal of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine «,» Journal of Physiology «,» Journal of epidemiology and Microbiology, Immunobiology «,» Іmunology that alergology «,» Laboratory dіagnostic «as well as such well- known monographs and books like» Fundamentals of clinical Immunology tumors «(1986),» Immunobiology of thymic hormones «(1989),» immunology and immunotherapy of breast tumors «(1990),» The structure of the thymus and T-cell differentiation «(1991),» Immunotropic drugs «(1994),» Immune and cytogenetic effects of density and seldom immunization radiation «(2006),» Spetsifіc іmmunotherapy in onkology «(2008),» New approach stressful process and pathology «(2010),» Thyroid cancer: epidemiology, radiobiology immunoendokrinologic aspects and the rationale of immunotherapy «(2011),» tumor markers «(2013). Their world novelty confirmed 14 copyrights and patents. For his work, «Immunobiology of the thymus and its role in the regulation of immunogenesis preparation and the possibility of using drugs thymus (thymus)» Presidential Decree Yu.A Grinevich awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 1999.

Participation in conferences, seminars, symposiums: I have always participated in organizing scientific conferences in «oncology, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, clinical immunology.»

The awards, certificates, prizes: Icon «Excellent healthcare», «Inventor of the USSR,» Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Diploma of the Presidium of Health of Ukraine, NAMS of Ukraine.

Are you a member of the Ukrainian and international medical organizations. If so, which (name and year): Member of the European Association of Cancer Researchers, Ukrainian scientific and practical of the Society pathophysiologists Republican of the Society of Allergology and Immunology.

What is your favorite saying (expression, aphorism): Way overcome the one who goes.