mihaylovichyyoHead of the Department
Uriy I. Mihaylovich M.D., Ph.D.

Office +380 44 259 02 64;



The Department was founded in 1945.

Previously the Department was managed by a team of famous scientist’s and oncological specialists in the domain of cancer care, such as:  M.G .Znachkovsky Ph.D., G.l. lvakhno D.Sc.M., R.G. PIyakin D.Sc.M., A.E. Prisyazhnyuk D.Sc.M., Z. P. Fedorenko Ph.D.

This Department is one of basic structural parts of the National Cancer Institute. The main scientific direction of the department seeks to address concerns of citizens and to promote health protection and improvement of cancer care in Ukraine.


Scientific Research Department consists of the following divisions:

- Research Department the quality management of cancer care patients;

- Department of Coordination Research and Implementations, Intellectual property protection and Completion Specialist Training;

- Department of Cancer Epidemiology and the National Cancer-Registry of Ukraine.