fedorenko1Head of the Department  Z. P. Fedorenko Ph.D.

National Cancer Institute (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Office + 380 44 257-76-14;



The department was founded in 2008.

Areas of scientific and practical work:

– analysis of cancer incidence and mortality rates in Ukrainian population and state of cancer care for annual publication in the bulletin of National Cancer Registry;

– study of prevalence of cancer in Ukraine, an impact of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident on it;

– prediction of cancer epidemiological process in Ukraine to determine priorities in cancer care activity;

– study of cancer survival rates as a principal criterion for evaluation of cancer care activity;

– development and support of software for information technologies of population and hospital cancer registries; scientific and methodical management of the network of regional cancer registries in Ukraine;

– study of long-term results of treatment of cancer patients with use of database of hospital cancer-registry of National Cancer Institute.


Main scientific achievements:

– cancer incidence and mortality rates in Ukrainian urban and rural population were analyzed,  structural and dynamic changes in cancer rates during the 40-years period were defined; quality of medical care to cancer patients was analyzed and the recommendations for improving the control of cancer were developed;

– an analytical and informational center of oncology service of Ukraine, which monitors cancer epidemiological situation and state of cancer control with use of the information technology of National Cancer Registry has been created;

– for the purpose of monitoring of cancer incidence and mortality in Ukrainian population and evaluation of the effect of cancer care with use of survival rates the software of information technologies of population and hospital cancer registries has been developed and implemented in practice in all regions of Ukraine;

– the technology of data linkage between registries of different levels and authority for mutual information sharing and updating data of National Cancer Registry was developed;

– the regulatory framework for working of National Cancer Registry and hospital cancer registries was developed and approved with the legislative documents of Ministry of Health of Ukraine;

– data of cancer incidence from National Cancer Registry were for the first time included in the  international edition “Cancer Incidence in 5 Continents”, Volume X by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR).

Members of the department have been published 222 scientific works, including 57 in peer-reviewed journals, made 188 reports, including 22 abroad over the past 15 years. 16 annual bulletins of Ukrainian National Cancer Registry have been published.



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